Riga Cup & Yumura Cup 2017

Kendo tournament “Riga Cup & Yumura Cup 2017”, Kendo seminar and grading up to 3rd Dan will be held in Riga on May 26th - 28th, 2017 and will be hosted by Latvian Kendo federation.

Masahito YUMURA (Kendo Hanshi, 8 dan);
Koetsu SONE (Kendo Kyoshi, 8 dan);
Fumio MORI (Kendo Kyoshi, 8 dan);
Shigeru YONEKURA (Kendo Kyoshi, 8 dan);
Hideki ICHIKAWA (Kendo Kyoshi, 7 dan);
Yoshiyuki HAGA (Kendo Kyoshi, 7 dan);
Kazuhisa INOUE (Kendo Kyoshi, 7 dan);
Kazuo Ueno (Kendo Kyoshi, 7 dan);
Sakaji Aida (Kendo Kyoshi, 7 dan);
Midori KIKUCHIHARA (Kendo Kyoshi, 7 dan);
Yorihiko MAENO (Kendo Renshi, 7 dan);
Shinichiro SHIMODAIRA (Kendo Renshi, 7 dan);
Kiyoko INUI (Kendo Renshi, 6 dan);

Special guests from Finland:
Mikko Salonen (Kendo Kyoshi, 7 dan);
Susanna Porevoo (Kendo Renshi, 6 dan);

More information will be made available as soon as possible.